• Whatever your business or application, we guarantee availability and fast delivery of your spare parts.
  • Caterpillar parts are built for durability, reliability, productivity, reuse and less environmental impact.
  • With our reconditioned and remanufactured products, you get as-new quality at a reduced cost.
  • Thousands of available Caterpillar parts are detailed in the "Your Reliable Dealer" catalogue

Take advantage of the experience of a leader!

Remanufactured parts for Caterpillar engines have the reliability and performance equal to new parts at a discounted price. These components, reconditioned by the manufacturer have the same warranty as new parts. As a result, the engine gets increased productivity and lower costs throughout the life cycle.

Also, remanufacturing is an ecological principle of respect for the environment by saving resources and minimizing waste.

According to the manufacturer’s procedures for reuse, Eneria propose an exchange of reman for used Caterpillar parts. This eliminates the time necessary to repair the part concerned by substituting a new component, reducing in this way the owning and operating costs of the engine.