• Building on decades of innovation and expertise in the field of diesel engines, Caterpillar is ahead of the game and offers the best technology.
  • Applying technologies systematically meets our customers’ expectations for productivity, fuel efficiency, reliability and service life.
  • Like our competitors, Caterpillar supplies engines that meet government regulations on harmful emissions.
  • The global shipping industry must comply with programmes intended to reduce emissions from all diesel-propelled ships.

New generation of Caterpillar engines

Based on decades of innovation and expertise in diesel engines, Caterpillar takes another step forward and offers the most advanced technology.

CAT engines equipped with ACERT technology currently meet stringent standards to reduce emissions and are prepared to take up the challenges of the future.

Guaranteed performance

ACERT technology has been tested both in on-road and off-road applications. Since 2003, with stringent pollution standards required for road sector, tens of thousands of Cat engines were equipped with ACERT technology, their reliability being proved by tens of thousands of running hours.


ACERT Technology

The development of ACERT Technology began with the search for a better way to reduce diesel engines emissions and it culminated in a revolutionary engine design breakthrough. ACERT technology enhances diesel engine performance by burning fuel more precisely than ever before.

As a result, CAT engines equipped with ACERT Technology are programmed to achieve maximum performance and efficiency (including reducing fuel consumption), with lower combustion temperatures, reducing emissions and prolonging engine life. In addition, by varying the injection timing, based on factors like load and engine speed optimal performances are achieved under a wide range of operating conditions.

ADEM A4 Electronic Control Unit

As challenging as ACERT Technology was to develop (Caterpillar invested more than $ 500 million in the development program, applying for more than 150 patents along the way), it’s built on an optimum combination of technological solutions. The most important of these is the ADEM A4 Electronic Control Unit (ECU). It directs the fuel injectors to deliver precise amount of fuel with incredible precision and also enables customized engine speeds and idle levels for specific applications. In addition, it delivers advanced diagnostic capabilities for service and troubleshooting.


Advanced Simplicity

Cat engines equipped with ACERT Technology are revolutionary, but they also remain easy to operate and maintain. They are no complex systems. In addition, they permit the use of the technology applied in the previous generation engines, completed with new modules and components specially developed to achieve the best performance: fast drive and long term reliability.

Cat engines with ACERT Technology comply with Tier 2/Stage II and Tier 3/Stage IIIA emissions standards.  ACERT Technology has been developed to meet both Tier 4/Stage IIIB standards and those to come: Tier 4Final/Stage IV.

Caterpillar engineers worked with approximately 125 variables to find the optimum balance. There are more than 10 million possible combustion combinations. Those engineers were challenged by the highly intertwined relationship of (1) reduced emissions, (2) engine performance, (3) fuel efficiency and (4) engine durability. Those are not necessarily complimentary objectives. Improving emissions, for example, can have an adverse effect on fuel efficiency. Their overriding goal is no different than the goal Caterpillar has had since its inception—to provide customers with the lowest owning and operating costs, and the lowest cost per unit.