• We offer solutions that can improve every aspect of your business, enabling you to work faster and more productively than ever before.
  • We offer you a complete range of maintenance service and support for our engines and generator sets.
  • Whatever your needs, our business engineers and technicians are standing by to serve you
  • Thanks to our oil analysis programme, we help customers analyse, predict and take informed decisions on maintenance needs.


Protect your investment

To offer its customers the best conditions, Eneria transfers the warranty received from Caterpillar directly to buyer, so that the client receives the warranty offered by Caterpillar for each part, kit or equipment, depending on the application.

Eneria offers also warranty on parts and labor for all work performed, from commissioning to general repairs.

But we do not stop here! ESC (Extended Service Coverage) – extended coverage for gensets, new equipment in operation, or after repair, is an additional insurance surcharge, which Eneria and Cat offer to interested customers to maximize the period in which the equipment can be operated away from any kind of risks.

In support of these practices, Caterpillar manufactures spare parts for all types of equipment for at least 30 years from the rolling off the assembly line of the specific equipment model.


The benefits of Extended Service Coverage:

  • 100% coverage for parts and labor in case of failure;
  • Coverage applies to equipment and is transferable in case of ownership change;
  • Availability through Cat insurance for new, used or overhauled equipment, certified by Caterpillar;
  • It can extend for a period up to 10 years;
  • It is tailored to customer needs and expectations by different levels: SILVER, GOLD, PLATINIUM;
  • Minimizes unplanned repair costs and extends the period of operation.