• With a wide range of Caterpillar marine diesel engines, we offer the best technology, and provide the solution best suited to your project as well as impeccable post-sales service.
  • We offer the complete line of marine engines, auxiliary engines, propulsion engines and generator sets.
  • Our Caterpillar marine engines are suited to a variety of applications. Our testimonials speak for themselves.

Marine engines applications

Our marine engines are suited to the following applications:

Cruise ships and ferries

Enough space to carry passengers and vehicles, ease of handling within ports and enough speed to meet client needs: cruise ships and ferries must meet high expectations. Designed to last, with greater reliability that has proven itself on all seas, Cat® engines have been chosen by the world’s biggest operators. Our global presence and expertise enable us to offer lightweight, high-powered engines, with maximum reliability and availability.

Inland transport vessels

Full containers, vehicles, bulk cargo and packaged goods: river and coastal vessels are an environmentally friendly way to gently and safely transport freight over long distances. Their competitiveness depends on the ability to operate them profitably. This is where our Cat® engines shine: reliable and long-lasting, they are distinguished by their low fuel consumption and easy maintenance. Our global presence and expertise enable us to offer integrated solutions that make your job easier.


Supplying oil platforms with food and spare parts requires extremely resilient boats that are absolutely reliable in all kinds of weather. We offer tailored solutions that best meet your power and reliability requirements, no matter the conditions.

Military and governmental boats

You can’t cut corners on security. Day and night, this is the daily challenge met by the navy, coast guard, police and governmental bodies all over the world. As a trusted partner, we offer tailored solutions that meet your needs. Our products have been chosen by many governmental and military authorities all over the world: military ships, auxiliary ships, landing craft, patrol boats, search-and-rescue vessels, as well as boats for police, customs, buoys, icebreakers, etc.

Pleasure craft

The world of pleasure craft is a world of passion, where style, quality, comfort and speed form a unique combination. Whether they are for standard or luxury yachts, for sailing along gorgeous coastlines or experiencing the thrill of speed, we offer state-of-the-art Cat® engines that meet our customers’ unique requirements. Compact, powerful and easy to manoeuvre, they guarantee onboard comfort.

Industrial and small-scale fishing

Professional fishing comes in very different forms, using methods ranging from the most traditional to the most industrial, and vessels ranging from the tiniest trawlers to 110-metre ships. No matter what, water is the workplace. To meet the demands of this environment, we offer tailored solutions and engines that make the crew’s work easier.