• We offer our customers comprehensive, competitively priced and environmentally friendly solutions that meet their power generation and engine needs.
  • As Caterpillar's exclusive dealer in France and in several other countries, we provide sales, service and maintenance of generator sets, UPS and motors.
  • On the forefront of renewable energy and energy efficiency, we are well-positioned to address energy transition issues.

Locations in Romania and abroad

With 800 employees, Eneria is primarily based in France but is also developing its businesses in Algeria, Belgium, Poland and Romania.

Eneria in Romania

Working in the field since 1991, since the beginning of Groupe Monnoyeur in Romania, Eneria was established as a company in 2000. Today, a team of 70 professionals specialized in all applications offer global and competitive solutions to meet the needs of Eneria customers for energy or engine power.

Eneria’s corporate headquarters in Mogoşoaia, near Bucharest has over 850 m2 in office space and machine shops spread over 1 ha. Here operate our commercial, technical and service teams, in offices and a well-equipped workshop for assembly, fault diagnosis, repair and testing, as well as a warehouse for spare parts. 8 more locations in the country and 27 fully equipped mobile workshops for interventions at the customer’s sites add to our assets destined to complete our tasks.

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Eneria worldwide

From consulting and design to maintenance, Eneria’s international teams capitalize experience gained in implementing projects in different applications of Caterpillar equipment and complement each other for the benefit of customers.

  • The parent company is headquartered in Montlhery, near Paris and 9 more offices in France where about 550 employees, specialized by applications are working. From design to maintenance, Eneria France is an example of a proven successful business as a company with strong commercial and technical experience gained through involvement in thousands of projects worldwide and reported success due to its achievements. Eneria France provides strong commercial, technical, legal and financial support to its daughter companies.
  • Poland is very active in the marine activity by its presence in the large marine shipyards at the Baltic Sea, in locomotive, oil&gas and cogeneration fields.
  • In Belgium, the energy sector is a peak, especially in cogeneration and gasification, where Eneria shows its expertise.
  • In Algeria, the energy activity is growing stronger and is closely linked to oil resources and the demand for electricity for the population.