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Caterpillar products for preventive maintenance

Genuine spare parts

Eneria is commited to provide to its clients all preventive maintenance products recommended by Caterpillar. Caterpillar specialised services give priority to the design, testing and preventive maintenance products accessibility, continuously updating its recommandations on the use of these products to ensure the highest level of engine performance.

Here are the key products for effective preventive maintenance:

CAT DEO is premium oil developed for CAT diesel engines longevity. Caterpillar uses industry specifications as the basis for DEO performance, then goes beyond those specifications to develop an oil that meets the needs of Cat engines in severe applications.

CAT oil filters contain a high efficiency filter media to accumulate dirt more quickly while maintaining  long time excellent dirt holding capacity.These filters help preventive maintenance program increasing the engine service life.

These filters fight fuel contamination more effectively than standard fuel filters, removing more than 98 percent of particles two microns and larger. They are engineered and built to remove more contaminants, so they provide maximum protection of injectors, pumps, and other fuel system components.

ELC reduces engine coolant and additive costs by as much as 500 percent compared
to conventional coolants.  It eliminates the need for supplementary coolant
additives and extends coolant change-out intervals. In addition, its composition is more compatible with the environment and present less restrictive collecting requirements.

This rugged filter provides up to 50 percent more capacity for longer service
life protecting engine components.

  • less dust means less wear of the engine – a deposit forms on the special synthetical surface of the filter which reduces the dust quantity which penetrates in the engine.
  • higher efficiency means less restrictions – the component strings retain efficiently the particles, ensuring at the same time a better air flow;
  • less restrictions mean better performances of the engine and fuel efficiency  – less power is needed for air admission, therefore th engine ’’breathes’’ easier;
  • longer service life of the filters means reduced contamination – for a better protection of equipment.