• We offer you a wide range of Caterpillar diesel engines in many different versions designed for industrial or railway applications.
  • We offer you the complete line of Caterpillar diesel engines in many different versions.
  • Our Caterpillar industrial engines are suited to many fields. Our testimonials prove it.

Application fields for industrial and rail engines

Industrial engines are used in the following fields:


Trains travel unbelievable distances, day after day, year after year. They transport us, and we move them. Our Cat® engines make trains faster, safer and more powerful. We supply reliable, long-lasting engines that respect environmental standards for locomotives or specific running stock vehicles.

The range of Caterpillar railway engines are designed for the following applications:

  • Locomotive traction power from 205 to 5420 bkW
  • Head-end/hotel power from 292 to 725 ekW
  • Maintenance Of Way power from 8,2 to 1566 bkW

Caterpillar is the world’s largest manufacturer of heavy duty diesel engines and specifically develops locomotive engines based on several key engine platforms. When it comes to reliable engine power, you can’t afford to compromise. You need proven power. Optimum power. Caterpillar understands how important your rail power needs are. That’s why we design rail engines for superior reliability. That’s why every Cat® rail engine is built to last. Cat engine reliability doesn’t stop at the engine design. When you buy a Cat rail engine, you’re assured of excellence in customer support. Eneria offers you the expertise and parts you need to keep your engine running smoothly.


Whatever the kind of operation, we offer innovative equipment solutions to help farmers increase productivity and remain competitive, even in the toughest market conditions. We supply reliable, long-lasting, fuel-efficient Cat® engines with low operating costs for all kinds of agricultural equipment: combines, tractors, harvesting machines, etc.

Looking at the irrigation power sources, you’re likely to find that Caterpillar® engines deliver one of the lowest lifetime costs compared to other diesel or natural gas stationary engines, utility electric power, automotive gasoline, or natural-gas-conversion engines.
Cat® engines are built for long, hard, trouble-free days in the field.  They’re proven to deliver reliable operation, high fuel economy, and world-class emissions.  Intelligent design means long service intervals and simple maintenance that minimizes downtime.  Both diesel and gas engines incorporate the most advanced engine technologies for performance no one else can match.

Road transport

Whatever the kind of highway, road or terrain, whatever the conditions or the environment, the road transport industry relies on Cat® engines due to their high performance, excellent fuel efficiency, long-term daily reliability, and their long life. With more than 40 years of road experience, our state-of-the-art technologies help you reduce downtime and lower your operating costs.

Public works

To succeed in the world of construction, you must maximise the productivity of every employee and every machine. You cannot allow costly downtime. Lowering operating costs while increasing efficiency is crucial for maintaining your competitive advantage. You can count on our Cat® engines’ legendary reliability, in addition to their superior power and performance.


Mining operations have never been as important as they are today. Global development and growing urbanisation lead to heightened demand for ores, metals and coal. We offer the most complete line of machinery for both underground and strip mining. Cat® engines provide the reliability and longevity you need to operate your mine efficiently and productively.