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  • Thanks to our oil analysis programme, we help customers analyse, predict and take informed decisions on maintenance needs.

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Effective maintenance practices

It is essential to develop an effective engine maintenance program to protect your investment, to get maximum engine life and maintain optimum operation thereof. An effective maintenance based on the recommendations of the producer Caterpillar allows you to make decisions that will reduce the immobilization of equipment as well as the operating costs.

Planned maintenance performed regularly (changing oil filters and engine oil on schedule and following the manufacturer’s recommendations) and oil analysis, prevent the failure of engine components. Typically, preventive repairs made ​​before fault occurrence lead to lower costs than repairs made ​​after failure.

Here are some of your benefits when you perform equipment maintenance with Eneria:

  • Simplify budgeting
  • Improve resource and cost management
  • Maximize return on investment
  • Use original spare parts
  • Schedule convenient servicing and maximize equipment availability

Caterpillar statistics show that 80% of repairs are made after the fault.

90% of them could be prevented!