• Face à l’émergence de nouveaux besoins client, il est indispensable de renforcer les compétences de nos équipes.
  • Our activities are based on a wide range of occupations, which call for an equally wide range of skills and profiles
  • Our commitments are the central focus of our corporate history and the core strength of our day-to-day activities.
  • We are committed to integrating and retaining our employees as we help them develop and hone their skills.

Various professions and various profiles

Our activities include a plethora of occupations which call for skills and profiles that range from young graduates to the most seasoned veterans.

Commercial activities at Eneria

The power generation, engines and after-sale services sale include a series of activities, from a finite product sale till a complex and considerable added-value power-plant design and installation, which call for precise feasibility and implantation studies. Our commercial force is organised in 9 facilities in the country.

Technical activities at Eneria

Both equipments and projects high technicalness we are involved in is handled by the technical inspectors and by the project engineers specialised by applications fields for service issues.

Service and maintenance at Eneria

We propose to our clients turnkey services to ensure preventive and curative maintenance of their power-plants. In order to meet our clients demands we dispose of support services and of an organised network of technicians for client location interventions.


Cross-business occupations providing essential support for our activities

In order to meet the needs of our activities, we regularly offer positions in the following areas: