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  • We offer you a complete range of maintenance service and support for our engines and generator sets.
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  • Thanks to our oil analysis programme, we help customers analyse, predict and take informed decisions on maintenance needs.

Oil analysis and contamination control: our services

Eneria and Caterpillar help you reduce operating and maintenance costs of your equipment, by performing regular S•O•S analysis (oil and coolant analysis), mandatory procedure for maintaining engines and generating sets performances guaranteed by the manufacturer.


The Cat® S·O·SSM program monitor the engine performances through the fluids regular analysis.

An analysis of engine oil sample:

  • identifies and measures the rate of wear of the engine
  • identifies fluids contamination: dirt, oxidation, sulphurs
  • detects water, fuel and coolant in oil


  • The Cat® S•O•S Services help prevent serious failures; Often a simple adjustment or part replacement can prevent the worsening of a problem initially insignifiant.
  • The S•O•S services allow prevention of problems related to wear; by monitoring the wear rate of components and oil characteristics. Also, you can benefit from greater flexibility in planning the repairs.
  • The S•O•S services reduce time out for repair and the results of S•O•S analysis reduce the number of possible causes so that the technician responsible for the maintenance to be able to easily diagnose after the inspection.
  •  The S•O•S Services allow minimizing fixed and variable operating costs,by the possibility of extending oil change intervals: a proper management of components service life and equipment availability. In other words, the downtime is reduced, while productivity and profitability grow.

For maximum protection, you need  a S•O•S analysis of engine and transmission oils and a S•O•S analysis of coolant for the cooling system.