• Face à l’émergence de nouveaux besoins client, il est indispensable de renforcer les compétences de nos équipes.
  • Our activities are based on a wide range of occupations, which call for an equally wide range of skills and profiles
  • Our commitments are the central focus of our corporate history and the core strength of our day-to-day activities.
  • We are committed to integrating and retaining our employees as we help them develop and hone their skills.

Why work for us?

Eneria hires all year round throughout Romania and offers multiple career opportunities.

Eneria enjoys key positioning and has recognised expertise

  • We offer one of the most extensive selections of power products.
  • Because of our long-term partnership with Caterpillar, we can offer our customers a wide range of high-quality, world-class products delivering recognised reliability and performance.
  • We do business in several markets (electrical back-up, oil&gas,marine, railway power, renewable energy and many more fields), which contributes to ensuring our overall operations.
  • We have material and human resources as well as know-how to answer efficienly to simple deliveries but also to involve in complex projects.

Eneria is recognised for its high service quality

  • Our teams deliver all the power and resources necessary to meet our customers’ expectations by providing a constant quality guarantee covering our products, facilities and services.
  • We are able to make prompt service calls anywhere in Romania.
  • We provide support to our foreign customers, whether in isolated desert or offshore areas for timely diagnostic, advisory or repair missions.
  • With a network of more than 40 technicians distributed across Romania, we can maximise the safety and profitability of all equipment we install to produce more and with higher efficiency.