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Works and repairs

In certain cases repairs works are made after the fault occurence, at the customer notice. To this effect, the service team goes in the field  to inspect and diagnose the equipment and propose a solution to fix  the fault. Once the order is accepted,  the repair is made in the field or in the workshop.

Although the procedure is convenient for Eneria customers, Caterpillar statistics show that 80% of repairs are made AFTER failure, however, 90% of which could be prevented!

  • “What do you not repair, you destroy!”

Special works performed​​ to meet Eneria customers’ requirements:

The structure of Caterpillar equipments is designed so that they can benefit during their entire life cycle from the improvements and upgrades based on the last developments of the manufacturer. For certain types and models we offer with Caterpillar- with customer approval – solutions for the equipment modernization (state-of-the art control panels, installation of sensors etc.). These works are performed at a time agreed with the customer in the shortest time possible so that not to affect the client activity and reduce the immobilization time of the equipment to the minimum possible.

We provide warranty for any repair or work done by the specialised teams of Eneria.

Repairs and modernization – 2012

workover TW40 2012 

Well-servicing Rig – TW 40

Gas gensets  repairs and overhaul  – 2012

 RK Enercompa 2008

3×1 MW – Compa Sibiu – Repair MP4 at 63 000 hours