• We offer solutions that can improve every aspect of your business, enabling you to work faster and more productively than ever before.
  • We offer you a complete range of maintenance service and support for our engines and generator sets.
  • Whatever your needs, our business engineers and technicians are standing by to serve you
  • Thanks to our oil analysis programme, we help customers analyse, predict and take informed decisions on maintenance needs.

Maintenance Agreements: our services

The maintenance contract is one of the most comfortable and convenient way to benefit of Eneria resources. Each maintenance contract is designed to meet your requirements.

One of the biggest advantage of maintenance contract is flexibility. Each maintenance contract represent a customized schedule, according to your requirements and budget. The contract covers various inspection missions, maintenance and repairs in compliance with Caterpillar operation and maintenance manual. These contracts can manage from periodic inspection, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, to overhaul.

The services you select to include in the contract depend on your equipment, installation, application, technical resources of your staff, accepted downtime for your equipment, factors that we will look over closely with our representatives prior contract signature. Each contract has a precise goal: to save your time and money.

Preventive maintenance

A preventive maintenance contract covers certain maintenance procedures so as to maintain product safety and efficiency by maintenance labor of a highly skilled technician at a cost known in advance.

Avoid equipment downtime as maintenance missions are performed after a pre-defined schedule, where and when it’s convenient for you.

Why choose a maintenance contract?

  • simplified budget and predictibility of costs;
  • preferential prices and tariffs for spare-parts, supplies and labor;
  • planning in advance of inspection visits and maintenance without affecting your current work;
  • visibility on the events log;
  • performing diagnostics and equipment inspections, anticipating and correction in time of possible occurrence of defaults;
  • interventions performed with proper repairing tools by qualified technicians;
  • use original spare-parts and supplies to carry out interventions;
  • carrying out emergency interventions and priority in execution;
  • the correct and timely implementation of the maintenance program recommended by Caterpillar is made to achieve the maximum service life of the equipment;
  • ENERIA Romania’s warranty for both parts used and services carrying out.

Total maintenance and repairs

A complete maintenance and repairs contract covers all maintenance and repairs costs to a specified period. Instead of having unexpected expenses for maintenance or repair services when required, assign a fixed rate that covers a wide range of parts and services.