• Continuous oil production requires facilities that are as reliable as possible. To meet this requirement, we make our expertise available to oil industry players.
  • Whether it's engine-driven fire pumps, compressors or generator sets, we provide you with our expertise in many applications.
  • Our Caterpillar engines are suited to the oil and oil-services industries.

Oil and gas applications: longstanding trust from producers

Since this industrial sector began, oil producers have trusted Caterpillar, which now provides power to oil facilities on land and in the seas. Reliability is the key word for this field.

Petroleum applications: a long-term partnership

Since the establishment of the industry, manufacturers and operators in the oil used Caterpillar products because the solutions have proven reliable and safe. Following the  Caterpillar tradition, Eneria works close to the oil field operators to know all aspects and the challenges of the applications and to provide best suited power solutions.

In order to meet the requirements for power and services for oil and gas industry, Eneria integrates Caterpillar engines in the client’s equipment according to the complex requirements imposed by specific applications.

To respond to the specific needs of the oil and oil services industries, Eneria analyses needs and supplies Caterpillar engines in equipment like standby and prime generator sets, compressors, engine-driven fire pumps, power units and for any kind of special stationary or mobile facility, whether onshore or offshore.

We can assist you right from the moment you draft your specifications. We advise you on the choice of materials and how to adapt them in accordance with the standards and regulations governing classified areas.

We have a full range of products that perfectly fit the demands of the specifications and may also include specific technology, such as fire protection or explosion proof solutions.