• Our uninterruptible power systems stand out for their reliability and automatic protection against a full range of power events.
  • We offer a complete range of dynamic and static UPS systems for stand-alone operation or linked with a generator set.
  • Our UPS are suited to a variety of applications. Our testimonials prove it.
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UPS: clean and reliable power supply

Power fluctuations and interruptions, from a simple dip in voltage to a sudden blackout, can have serious consequences for your products and services.

Our high-quality UPS systems meet your power supply needs in terms of consistency, reliability and quality, enabling you to immediately compensate for power supply interruptions.


Eneria experts at your service

From assessing your project to starting up your installation, we offer a complete range of tailored services:

  • Advising: constraints and feasibility study, developing the design, managing the project, drawing up a financing plan, engineering service, etc.
  • Onsite Installation, start-up, user training, grid hookup, etc.
  • Maintenance, urgent servicing, verification of performance, etc.